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Welcome !

I'm Hugo, a full-stack developer. I'm studying at the ESGI school in apprenticeship with Orange.
I'm currently loving the Javascript world mostly thanks to Vue.js and Node.js.
I used to code a lot with Java, C and Python for school and personal projects.
Have a look to my projects below :)



YAML database engine in C with some SQL requests.

Vue Spotify

A small wrapper for integrating spotify-web-api-node to Vuejs.

Mining exploration game

School project. 2D sandbox game. You embody a Miner and you have to find a diamond hidden in a gigantic tiled map with many obstacles.


Web/desktop application for managing a climbing gym.

Yaty API

Full REST API for Yaty (JWT Auth, MySQL ...).

This website, it's a Progressive Web App made with Vue.js and Bulma.

Interactive Climbing Games

Augmented reality games for climbing with Kinect.

Climbing Competition Ranking

Create a ranking for your climbing events, it supports discipline like speed, bouldering or lead and also the combined. The GUI needs to be created.

Tour de France

School project to interact with an Oracle database about the Tour de France.


School project. Simple java threaded chat with commands.

Multi-user paint app

Draw with multiple users ! C school project.

Open source contributions

Working Experiences



Orange Business Services - September 2017 to today - Caen, France

I'm making APIs for Orange Business Services' projects.

Intern in web development

Intern in web development

Orange Business Services - March 2017 to June 2017 - Caen, France

Web application to help about specifications
My work is within the framework of a development project for an offer of international communications, organized in agile method and short cycles.
Participation in the meetings of definition of the service with the project team, I had to understand the needs for the architects and the developers concerning the management of specification.
The main realized features are: specification versioning, chain of publication, annotations and notifications.
The solution is based on the modern Web technologies (Node.js, Vue.js) and inspired by the recent methods of development.

Polyvalent operator

Polyvalent operator

LISI Medical - August 2016 & August 2017 - Hérouville Saint Clair, France

Preventive maintenance


Bachelor's degree, IT engineering (currently)

Bachelor's degree, IT engineering (currently)

ESGI - 2017 to today - Paris, France

Specialized in software architecture.

Technology degree in IT

Technology degree in IT

IUT Caen - 2015 to 2017 - Caen, France

Shingshang game in C without GUI in C, then with a GUI in Java with JavaFX.
Mining exploration game in Java GitHub.
Web application (log, sell and buy stuff online).
Multi-user chat in Java.
Multi-user drawing application in C.
Web application to fully interact with an Oracle database.
Java application to simulate a parking (JavaFX GUI).

High school diploma in sciences

High school diploma in sciences

Lycée Jules Dumont d'Urville - 2013 to 2015 - Caen, France

Specialized in engineering sciences, computing and digital science.


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